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Peren Watches

There are moments in life when a certain feeling creates equity in one’s perception. I like to call this feeling ‘the equilibrium’. It is a feeling very hard to describe. It is about perfection at its higher extension. I often find myself completely emerged in the quest to find it. Its core values resonate deeply with my conception of life. I find it in everyday life and in certain interactions with highly precised and superlative crafted objects.

The perfectly balanced proportions of certain objects combined with sharp and precised laser-cut surfaces, arouse my inner spirit to resonate on a higher level of connectivity with the respective objects. The same level of connectivity I try to uncover in each of the products that I create.

Peren Hintz is a Swiss Made Mechanical timepiece inspired by the pocket Watch received from a Swiss company by one of the first Transylvanian watchmaker, Eugen Hintz(1869-1962).

Mr. Hintz was one of the most respected Transylvanian watchmaker having partnerships with famous brands such as Tellus, Wyler and Junghans where he would commission spare parts to create Watches in his workshop in Fagaras, Transylvania.

The pocket Watch ‘Wyler Eugen Hintz | Fagaras’ was produced in the interwar period by a Swiss Watch manufacturer, Paul Wyler & Cie (Fabrique des Montres Wyler SA), company founded in 1925 who became well known in the watchmaking world thanks to their patent obtained for the invention of the balance wheel protection known as Incaflex.

Because Peren Hintz is an homage brought to one of Transylvania’s most important watchmaker, a rotating disk inspired by the ‘andesite sun dial’ found next to one of the most precise ancient calendar located in Transylvania, is positioned at the 6H Watch subdial. The andesite Sun from Sarmizegetusa Regia, was one of the first Solar cycle measurement tool which served also as an altar for the so called Solar cult.


Peren Watches

Perennial /pəˈrɛnɪəl/ : 1. Lasting or existing for a long or apparently infinite time; enduring or continually recurring. 2. Lasting a long time, or happening repeatedly or all the time.
3. everlasting; perpetual.

Peren is a brand which does not have a beginning, nor an end, for it was not invented, nor was it conceived.

It was introduced to a conventional timescale by Transylvanian descendant, Andy Bica, with the purpose to produce perennial products, conceived to promote the perennial philosophy of the ancient Transylvanian cultures.

In his watchmaking endeavor, Andy was inspired by the ancient Transylvanian calendar from Sarmizegetusa Regia. Known as the most accurate calendar of its time and the pillar of modern timekeeping, the ancient construction represents the core of every perennial process and the essence of the brand.

Having inherited the passion for mechanical timepieces from his father, Andy had an unprecedented opportunity to disassemble his first mechanical wristwatch at the age of ten using only his father's surgical instruments.

After a series of internships in the Swiss Watchmaking Industry, the young Watch enthusiast succeeded to assemble his first complete Watch.

Subsequently, the brand's ethereal existence, developed into a perceptible manifestation when it was registered as a trademark.

Presently, every perennial Watch is in-house designed and manually assembled in Switzerland using only premium quality raw materials.