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Peren is a brand which does not have a beginning, nor an end, for it was not invented, nor was it conceived. It emerged from the depth of oblivion to unveil its perennial state on a conventional timescale


The ancient Transylvanian calendar from Sarmizegetusa Regia, is the most accurate calendar of its time, and it is the pillar of modern timekeeping. It represents the core of every perennial process and the essence of the brand


Transylvanian Mystery

 Products conceived to promote the mystery and the mythology of Transylvania

Ethereal Existence

The ethereal existence of Peren as a brand emerged from the void to promote its philosophy

Ancient Cultures

Products created to emphasize the perennial philosophy of the ancient Transylvanian cultures

Commercial Concept

All perennial products disposed by Peren, will be commercialized exclusively online. Only immaterial trading platforms are suitable to respect its ethereal existence

Price Concept

In pursuance of our aspiration to empower countless individuals with perennial products, we calculate the cost of the goods and multiply it by three to obtain the unmatched selling price


Manufacturing Concept

Every perennial product is manually assembled in Switzerland using only premium raw materials and well preserved craftsmanships


At the heart of each perennial product stands the legacy of elaborate craftsmanship preserved throughout generations


"These people know what they are doing and I recognize their expertise as clearly shown in their timepieces "


''Cut out the middle-man and fulfill your Swiss Luxury dreams without spending a fortune"


"Peren is the proof that high quality watches can come at an affordable price"


The Coolector

"When there is a talk about Transylvania, you may associate it with awesome watchmaking now courtesy of Peren"

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